Digital Test Strip Reader 

A major breakthrough for easy spa and pool water testing, the AquaScan Test Strip Reader combines the ease and accuracy of test strips with advanced mobile technology. No more guesswork or visual color matching to check and interpret color results (great if your color blind). Just dip a test strip in your pool or spa, use the app to snap a photo and get fast, accurate digital results in seconds.  

This valuable App also records a history of prior results allowing you to compare to previous readings.  It can also set up a notification that will remind you when to test again. 

Chlorine, Bromine, pH, Calcium Hardness, Alkalinity — AquaScan test for whatever your off the shelf test strips measure!   Best of all, you don’t need to purchase specialized digital test strips that can cost as much as $10 more per 50 count bottle!    You can even buy the strips on amazon from within the App.

Simple, Fast, and Accurate.   Works with: 

* AquaCheck Bromine 4 in 1

* AquaCheck Chlorine 4 in 1

* Leisure Time Bromine 4 in 1

* Leisure Time Chlorine 4 in 1

* KemTek 4 way Test Strips

* InstaTest 4 Test Strips

If you use a different set of test strips, please email your request! 


DISCLAIMER: Aquascan is intended to provide a convenient alternative to visual color matching.   The app can achieve representative readings of pool or spa water conditions when all directions are followed, test strips are fresh, and lighting is adequate.  


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Michael Suarez,
Mar 1, 2015, 10:03 AM