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  • What is the countdown Timer?
    • Different test strip manufactures recommend different exposure times for between the "Dipping" and the "Reading".   This feature ensures you have this timing down to a science.   Read the packaging on the test strip brand you're using to set this parameter accurately
  • What if my test strips aren't listed?
    • If they are a 4 in one test strip, there is a chance it might work.   The best bet is to e-mail me and I'll calibrate and incorporate the test strips you use in my next update of the app.
    • If they have more than 4 tests on one strip, I hope to update the app at a future date to incorporate these more complete test strips.
  • What do the circles mean?
    • The circles indicate where the app is taking a color sample.  The big circles are should be centered on a test patch.  The color in this patch is used for the results of that test.   The small circles should be between the patches and on a white part of the test strip.  This color is for white balancing to adjust for any ambient color in the surrounding light.
  • What kind of lighting provides the best readings?
    • Normal outside daylight usually works best.   Indoor lighting works too.  Make sure that there is no glare on the test strips, and that the test strip is not partially in shadow.   It is best to avoid extreme light or extreme dark.