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Touch an image to zoom

Setup Application 
  • In the Scheme section of the setup screen, click the Select button then choose the test strips you are most comfortable using. 
  • If you would like to order refills for the selected test strips, click the “Buy on Amazon” link to purchase them.
  • Different test strips have different exposure times.  If you would like to heed these exposure times, use the the Scan Countdown Timer and set it to the appropriate exposure time for your selected test strips.  
  • AutoScan allows you to touch only the top and bottom test pad.  The locations of all the other test pads and the white balance spots are automatically calculated and the readings are made.   It is highly recommended that you keep the AutoScan setting on.
  • If you want to have a reminder alert you when you need to test the water again, set the Reminder Notification and your preferred time period.   The reminder will alert you at the selected time period after your last saved test result.  You must save your test result for this to work.   Saving a new test result will reset the timer.
Take Photo
  • If your not using the countdown timer, touching the camera button at the bottom right corner of the screen immediately takes a picture of your test strip. 
  • If you are using the countdown timer, touching the camera button begins a 3 second countdown to the dip.  When the timer says "Dip", dip the test strip in the water.  Keep underwater for two seconds, then take out and shake gently. The countdown timer will now countdown to your configured exposure time.  When it reaches 0, it will automatically take a picture of your test strip.
Touch Top Pad
  • After the photo is taken, a green arrow points to the first test patch on a simulated test strip indicating that you should touch that patch on the photo.   Zoom and pan using your fingers to center the test strip on the screen, then touch the center of the top test patch.  A circle will appear indicating where the color sample was taken.  
  • You can retake the photo by touching the camera icon at the bottom right of the screen.  You should do this if the test strip is out of focus, missing part of it, too big or small, in shadows, or has any glare on it.
 Touch Bottom Pad
  • The green arrow will now move down to the bottom test patch.   Touch the center of the bottom test patch.  
  • Be careful to touch only once as there may be a 1-3 second delay while the app calculates all the colors and values.
  • The app will now show the results in small boxes to the right of the simulated test strip.   For each test patch, there will be an estimated value along with where the reading is in relation to the ideal value.
  • There will be a series of big circles that should be centered on the test strip patches, a line down the middle of the test strip, and smaller circles placed in between the patches.     The big circles indicate where the patch color samples were taken.   The small circles indicate where white color samples were taken to balance for any shadows or lighting effects.
  • If the circles are placed incorrectly, you can touch the "Rescan" button to scan the test strip again.
  • You can also touch a specific test patch (on the simulated test strip on the right) to resample a specific test patch.  The green arrow will reappear indicating that you should now touch the corresponding patch on the photo of the test strip. 
 Touch Results for Details
  • To get additional details on a specific reading, touch and hold on the result box for a test patch and a panel will open giving more details about the reading.
  • The inner box is the actual color of the test patch.   The outer box is the color in the test spectrum that is closest to the test patch sample.  The more similar these two colors are to each other, the more accurate the reading.   In the middle of the box is AquaScan's confidence in the reading.   
  • A line indicates where the color is on the spectrum.
 Save Results
  • Touch the Save button to save the results to the history list.
  • The result history indicates the date and time of each test, and a summary of the results. 
    • <<   :   Very Low
    • <     :   Low
    • =     :   Okay
    • >     :   High
    • >>   :   Very High
  • Touch a test and it will take you back to the results for that test.   You can zoom and pan on the photo, or touch and hold a test patch's result for details.
  • On the result history list, you can swipe left on a test to delete it from the history list.