The perfect App for the HughesNet Gen4 Satellite Network.   Monitor internet usage in real time and save money by staying within fair access policies. In the event you do need to go over, conviently PURCHASE restore tokens right from this easy to use iPhone or iPad application!

This app shows your available AnyTime and Bonus data along with any aditional bandwidth you may have purchased with restore tokens.   It also has a Data Rate bar chart.  This chart is color coded dynamically based on your remaining data and your refill date.

        -  Green:  your data usage rate is below your limit

        -  Yellow: your data usage rate is above your limit, don't want to stay here to long

        -  Red: your data usage rate is way above your limit.  If you stay here too long, you're likely to run out quickly.     

A Today Screen plugin is available for quick reference to this information from anywhere.  The Today Screen plugin is an In App purchase.

I am in no way affiliated with HughesNet.   This App has been tested against the HughesNet HT1100, HN9000, and HT1000 Gen4 Modems.  To determine your modem, go to

If you have any questions please read the FAQ on the support link or contact me directly.

See Video Preview below.  

Also, See HughesNet icon in Craig Federighi Keynote at Apple WWDC Conference  (5 down, 8 over in icons grid)


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