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  • What Modems are comparable with the HughesNet Meter App?
    • Currently, the app is compatible and tested with HT1100, HN9000, and HT1000 Modem.

  • What if I use dynamic IP addresses?
    • If you use Dynamic IP Addresses, the link should work anyway.  It is intercepted by the HT1100 modem and should always redirect you to the modem configuration page.   This full web page address can be entered into the Address field for the modem (on the configuration page).
  • How does Purchase Token work?
    • HughesNet has a web protocol that allows modem owners to purchase additional data.  This application calls that web service and initiates that purchase and responds with an order ID.   The data amount is usually added to your allotment within 10 minutes or so.  It will show up as an orange bar within your "AnyTime Data" section.   The charge will show up on your HughesNet Bill directly.  NOTE:  These are not "Apple In App" purchases.  Your are purchasing this data directly from HughesNet.
  • What is "Token - Free"?
    • HughesNet sometimes offers free tokens.  They usually add 500MB to your anytime data.  You can use these tokens through the app if they are available. 
  • How are the data rate graph colors calculated?
    • The application takes the amount of data you have left (Anytime + Token) and divides it by the number of days left until you get data refill.  It assumes you use your internet connection about 6 hours a day.   For example, if you have 2 days left and 8 GB left, the app calculates that safely use 11 MB/Min, enough to stream a movie and still stay green.   If you're at the beginning of your refill period, and have 10GB left with 30 days remaining, then anything over 1 MB / Min will put you in yellow or red.    
  • What if I still have problems?
    • Please write me, I will try to help you through any issues.

  • My available data keeps getting reset?
    • If you just recently installed your HughesNet satellite dish, it takes about a week for HughesNet to begin metering your data usage.  During this week, the App will work and it correctly indicates that your data is getting reset -- Enjoy the extra data!   Some people, however, are reporting this as a bug.
  • I have an idea for an enhancement!
    • Tell Me!  I love to hear it and put it in the next version?  Apple Watch anyone?