iWitness Memory


Do you think you'd make a good iWitness?   Do you never forget a face?   Test and improve your visual memory with this exciting iOS App.

The line-ups get harder as you make more convictions.   More people will be in the crowd or standing in the lineup.  You might just get a fleeting glimpse before the suspect is out of sight.  Can your testimony administer justice and apprehend the criminal?

Protect your reputation at all costs... As you make convictions, your reputation goes up.  But if your testimony leads to a mistrial, your reputation will go down eventually kicking you out of the iWitness program.

This App uses GameCenter so you can track your progress against your friends and others.  It even has some famous criminal achievements to unlock - Baby Face Nelson, Al Capone, and others.  As you unlock a criminal, they make appearances in your lineups.    

   Screen Shots: