Do you think you have cat-like reflexes? Use Kneejerk and find out! See how your reaction and response times change based on how youre feeling, your age, gender, or even location. KneeJerk is a suite of reflex testing games. There are three types of games that test your skills: Reaction, Whack-A-Yak, and Stop the Clock.
  • Reaction is a pure reflex timing game. An event is triggered either using visual, audio, or haptic cues. Your timed as to how fast you can react. 
  • Whack-A-Yak is a game testing your visual processing and coordination skills. A Yak appears somewhere among a herd of animals. How fast can you find and hit a bunch of Yaks? 
  • Stop the Clock is a timing game. Watch the counter go down and stop the clock as close to 0.000 as possible. 
 The game can optionally submit your profile (Age, Gender, Zip, and Mental State) to a statistics website where you can see how you perform amongst your age group, neighbors, gender and alertness level.

Screen Shots: